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Merit Badges

Boy Scout camps have limited resources. Valley Crest Farm & Preserve offers merit badges that are core to their mission.  Each merit badge is taught by a qualified professional who is passionate about the subject matter. The Preserve offers unique resources that offers Scouts practical, hands-on experiences, so they will come away with a true understanding of the subjects they are learning about.

Merit badges can be scheduled as a private group on a day that works with your group’s schedule, or on one of Valley Crest Farm & Preserve’s pre-scheduled Merit Badge Days. If you would like to be on the merit badge email list to find out when our pre-scheduled programs will be held, email

For more information or to schedule please contact Rachel at (908) 238 9696 or by emailing

Bird Study: Learn how to use binoculars, and identify different birds by sight and sound. This merit badge requires work outside of time on the farm. A one day class runs ~5 hours, with required home-study before the day of the program. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum.

Environmental Science: *Eagle Required Merit Badge Study our ecosystem at Valley Crest, and discuss the different impacts humans have had on our world. This merit badge requires 2-3 different trips to Valley Crest Farm & Preserve, ~3 hours for each trip. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum. These trips, along with some homework, complete the full merit badge. 

Insect Study: Find out how important insects are to our daily life, and get to know the different types of insects and their unique characteristics. A one-day class runs ~5 hours, with minimal home-study before the day of the program, and caring for an insect through its adult stage after the program. $30 per scout. 3 Scout minimum. Completes full merit badge by the end of the study of an insect’s metamorphosis.

Mammal Study: Scouts will learn about the unique life systems of mammals while working on projects to help them. Through this badge students will experience history, ecology and the scientific method as related to mammals native to New Jersey. ~3 hours. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum.

Forestry: Using the forest at Valley Crest, students will learn about the contributions forests make to our society and how they can protect this important resource. Through hikes, discussions and study scouts will become familiar with forest management as well as the threats our trees face. ~3 hours. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum.

Fish and Wildlife Management: Scouts will study wildlife identification and learn about the management of fish and other wildlife such as birds and mammals. Through a hike, time spent in the classroom and a home study students will discover how they can be a positive influence on wildlife through proper management. ~3 hours with project and continued home study required after program completion. Completes merit badge at the end of a home study recording backyard bird activity. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum.

Camping: Scouts will work through may or the requirements needed for this Eagle-required badge. While many requirements cannot be completed in a workshop, scouts will have the opportunity to learn about topographic maps, planning for camping and  many other topics. Completed in the workshop are requirements 1-3, 5, 6, 8abc and 10. ~3.5 hours. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum.

Sustainability: *Eagle required Merit Badge Start living a more sustainable lifestyle by trying out sustainable practices at home and recording how you’ve impacted the world. This badge requires homework. Two sessions, the first one ~1 hours, the second, ~2 hours. $30 per scout, 3 scout minimum. These trips, along with homework, completes the full merit badge.

Wilderness Survival: This badge will prepare scouts for a situation where they must stay safe in the backwoods. Scouts will learn first aid, safety and methods to protect themselves against the elements. ~5 hours. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum. Badge is completed after the scout completes an at- home activity.

Nature: Scouts will study the delicate balance of nature including a close look at wildlife and a prolonged study of native animals. Through a hike and classroom study, scouts will learn to identify wildlife and elements such as soil that make our area unique. ~4 hours. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum. Badge is completed after month- long study of backyard wildlife following classes at Valley Crest.

Soil and Water Conservation: Invesitgate the physics and treatment of freshwater and the protection of soils for agriculture and the natural environment. Scouts will carry out investigations and study the various methods used for soil and water conservation and learn through active discussion. ~5 hours. $30 per scout. 3 scout minimum. Badge is completed in its entirety.

Eagle Scout & Gold Award Projects

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve is proud to have been the location for several Eagle Scout Projects. We are always interested in working with scouts as they reach their full potential and wish to help us as we grow as an organization. VCF&P offers a wide range of options for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to work on their Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects. Email to discuss project ideas and options at VCF&P.


Past Projects:

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom, Christopher Kiel, Troop 121, 2015.

Flagpole and Campsite, Andy Kapetanakis, Troop 191, 2014.

Orienteering course, Luke Bernick, Troop 119

My sons and husband have had the privilege of spending time at Valley Crest to work on Eagle Scout Service Projects over the past several years. The members of the staff who give of their time during these projects have always been supportive of the boys and the projects. Valley Crest is a “children/teen” focused nonprofit farm offering young people ways to learn about nature and the environment as well as give back to the community at the same time. They draw from not only scouting organizations, but from school groups to children who are home schooled. With its forest trails, ponds and streams, it is a pretty and kind place to be.”

                                                         Linda G., Bethlehem Township

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve grows and donates fresh produce to help people in need, maintains its farm and forest for education and recreation, and encourages respect for farms and nature.

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