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We are celebrating the end of our first CSA season right now. This year was a lovely oppportunity to get to know our CSA share holders and provide them with delicious produce! If you would like to get involved with our CSA next year, in the 2019 season, please stay tuned for updates!

What is a CSA?

Community members (like you) purchase a share of vegetables or fruit in the beginning of the season. The farmer (Valley Crest) grows and tends to the produce for you to pick up weekly. By joining our CSA you take on the risks of farming along with the farmer and reap the rewards of a successful season.


Why Join Valley Crest's CSA

By becoming a member of Valley Crest's CSA, you are supporting a preserved nonprofit farm that dedicates its mission to the community.  Your CSA membership fee not only goes toward our operational costs but supports Valley Crest's nonprofit mission of feeding those in need (local food pantries and food bank).  You not only reap the benefits of picking up YOUR OWN fresh produce weekly but become our partner in helping families in need - a win, win for everyone!

Our Growing Philosophy 

Sustainability is what we strive for at Valley Crest!  We use manure from the horse stables to fertilize our fields; we grow our vegetables without any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or GMO's; we use solar power to assist with our energy sources.   We strive to use ecologically beneficial practices in our orchards such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a progressive more natural way to help reduce  use of pesticides. That's why you as a shareholder can have the confidence that eating food from our farm is healthy and nutritious! 

How Our CSA Works

Valley Crest’s CSA will run through a “pick” system. You will receive a certain amount of “picks” per week depending on what size share you choose. Each week the farmers will determine “The Pick List” which will show what crops are available and will quantify them into Picks (by pound, basket, bag, bunch, pint, quart, or per item.) For example, one pick could be equal to 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, or 2 lbs. of potatoes, or 1 bag of salad greens depending on the seasonal availability. This gives our members a choice in what crops they would like to take home each week. The Pick List will be shared with members weekly via e-mail and will also be posted at the farm on pick-up days.

  • The vegetable CSA runs from June to October for 22 weeks. First pickup TBD.
  • Different shares:
    • Full Share $750- This is equal to 8 picks per week
    • Half Share $400- This is equal to 4 picks per week
  • Your shares will be available for pickup at our farm stand at 14 Allerton Rd. Lebanon, NJ 08833 on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.
  • As members of our CSA, you will be provided a durable Valley Crest Farm & Preserve reusable tote bag for your share each week. Please remember to bring it with you.

Crops to expect throughout the season:

June July August September October


tomatoes kale broccoli
radishes summer squash potatoes beets cabbage
greens cucumbers peppers chard carrots
carrots onions eggplant winter squash turnips

Fruit Orchard CSA Share

We are also offering a Fruit Orchard Share for the 2018 season. This share will guarantee you a minimum of a half  peck of our delicious peaches per week during peach season (July through August)and a full peck of apples per week during apple season (late August through October). If there is a surplus on the farm, you will receive more per share, too!

  • The orchard share will run from July to October for 15 weeks. The first pickup will be dependent when our first peaches are ready.
  • Orchard Share- $200.00 for the season

Yes, I want to be a member!

Please stay tuned for updates in late winter/early spring to learn how to join our CSA. There will be options to sign up online, in person, or through the mail.

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve grows and donates fresh produce to help people in need, maintains its farm and forest for education and recreation, and encourages respect for farms and nature.

Valley Crest Preserve Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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