children with corn

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flower lesson Education is key to the mission of Valley Crest and our goal is to foster a learning environment by bringing children outdoors to experience nature. This is accomplished through our summer and fall programs for youth that are not only educational but fun!

Ever wonder what little insects live in your stream or pond? Love the game of hide and seek but want to use a GPS and compass to find your treasure? Stream Safari Enjoy hiking in the woods and learning about wildlife? Ever try printmaking with leaves and flowers? And why are those pesky bees so vital to our world? These questions and more are answered at Valley Crest beginning in May and running through the summer with six different fun-filled eco-courses for children and teens, many of which fulfill badge requirements for scouts.

young volunteers With the farm’s emphasis on education and community service, we work with teachers, students and other youth-based organizations to help us “Pick for the Pantry.” Volunteers help us in harvesting our apple and peach orchards so we can continue to provide ample donations on a weekly basis during our growing season. As part of this experience, we provide classes on sustainable farming and nutritional eating that reinforce our connection to the earth and encourage healthy eating habits.

For more information on how you can sign up for our eco-classes or volunteer, please call 908-455-0691 or email

empty corn in bin field class
corn bags in field