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Valley Crest is proud to offer a wide array of hands- on learning opportunities for homeschoolers. Every one of our programs is designed to enhance and expand students' learning. Currently we have programs available for children aged 3 through 14. We hope you come learn with us. 

Individual Classes

Bird Search

Ages 9-14

9:30- 12:30 am


Science Fridays! Skulls and Bones

Ages 12-14

10- 11:30 am


Have you ever wondered which bird was making a certain call? Or seen a bird with beautiful colors and thought about how nice it would be to know what it was? Then come out to Bird Search!

After a quick lesson on common birds in the area, their calls and identifiable features, we will take to the trails to search for feathered friends. This class will traverse every trail at Valley Crest, searching for fluttering songbirds and soaring hawks. Be sure to bring along binoculars if you have them and wear sturdy shoes for walking. Remember, we will be outside for a long time so bring along plenty of water and wear sun and bug protection.

This class is great for anybody aged 9-14 that is interested in birds!

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Explore the skeletal systems of various New Jersey animals. Examine real artifacts and see if you can piece together a skeleton yourself (and identify the animal it came from)! We will consider the skeletal makeup of different animals and how they help those animals survive!

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Outdoor Classroom
two girls in class - 2

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve grows and donates fresh produce to help people in need, maintains its farm and forest for education and recreation, and encourages respect for farms and nature.

Valley Crest Preserve Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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