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Cubs & Webelos



Programs for Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos   CLICK FOR BROCHURE


Backyard Jungle—Inspect an area for sounds and life in the forest and learn about some common, local birds. Make a birdhouse and plant a beneficial plant on the farm.

Completes the FULL adventure.

Tiger Bites— Get to know your fruits and vegetables, and how we can make “good food choices” when picking out snacks. Make some finger foods and end with a snack.

Completes 4/5 requirements. 

Tigers in the Wild—Get ready and go on a hike on the farm!  Learn what essentials to take with you and how to act on the trail with Leave No Trace principles. You’ll learn about what plants and animals we have growing in our forest.

Completes 4/5 requirements. Combine with your Den’s campfire program and complete the whole adventure!  Educational and fun!


Call of the Wild—Head into the woods to learn how to identify different animals in the area, and while hiking, discuss what to do in different outdoor emergencies.

Completes 5/7 requirements. Combine with a Pack or Family Campout to complete the whole adventure.

Paws on the Path—Prepare for a one-mile hike by learning how to dress for the weather, reviewing Leave No Trace principles, and discovering how to read a map. On the hike, identify birds, insects, and other animals in our ecosystems.

Completes the FULL adventure

Finding Your Way—Learn how to read and make maps of your town, neighborhood, and even a map of where your snack came from. Get comfortable with some basic compass skills by different games and activities. $

Completes the FULL adventure

Grow Something—Learn about our “Growing Zone” and see what plants we have growing at the farm. Make your own terrarium and start some seeds to take home and watch sprout. $

Completes 3/5 requirements, and starts the other 2/5, fulfilling the FULL adventure with at-home care and recording of plants.


Bear Necessities—This includes an overnight campout with your Pack. Cook over the fire, and discuss what you packed and why. Find a prime camping spot, and learn how to hang a bear bag in a tree with a Half Hitch knot. $

Completes 8/9 requirements.

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns—Take a hike and look for signs of animals in the soil and on the trees. Learn about animals that used to live in our area and are now extinct, and take a look at the forest from afar, and up close. After, visit our compost and learn about vermicomposting, and build a small herb garden to take home.

Completes the FULL adventure.


Webelos Walkabout—Review hiking safety for yourself and for the environment—Identify dangerous plants and animals, and review Leave No Trace principles. Prepare a healthy lunch before heading out, and enjoy it on the trail. $

Completes 7/8 requirements—add a service project to complete the FULL adventure.

Castaway—Learn how to start a fire and cook a snack over it. See how water from a stream can be treated to safely drink if necessary. Make up some games to share you’re your friends. $

Completes 9/10 requirements. Do some work at home to complete the FULL adventure.

Earth Rocks—Learn about the geology of the area. We’ll try to identify rocks we find on a hike, and learn about how many different natural materials are used in our built environment. $

Completes 7/8 requirements

Into the Wild—Identify birds and their flyways in the North East. Watch animals in the wild, both in the woods and in the stream. Learn about food chains and why they are so important in an ecosystem.

Completes 7/10 requirements.

Into the Woods—Spend time learning about the plants that make up our forests, and what covers the forest floors.

Completes 6/7 requirements.

Programs run 1.5-2.5 hours, with the exception of overnights.

Overnight pricing is dependent on the number of programs and number of scouts. Programs run drizzle or shine. VCF has the right to cancel or postpone programs.

To sign up for these programs OR a requisite badge for your troop, please email for more information.

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve grows and donates fresh produce to help people in need, maintains its farm and forest for education and recreation, and encourages respect for farms and nature.

Valley Crest Preserve Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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