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  • Rose Petal - Make the World a Better Place: Help our native wildlife by making “seed peas” — a ball of flower seeds, soil, and clay. One for a hike, and one for home! $5/girl, minimum $40/program.
  • Clover Petal - Using Resources Wisely: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with us!  Get crafty with recycled materials and take a tour of the Preserve to see why our land is an important resource! $5/girl, minimum $50/program
    *Optional: Pick for the Pantry


  • Buddy Camper: Daisies learn how fun camping by preparing for an overnight camp out. Troops may choose to rent the campground at Valley Crest or complete the camp out at home. $5/scout, $40 minimum.
  • Outdoor Art Maker: What better way is there to explore art than by creating beautiful works outdoors! Daisies will explore the scenery and sounds of nature through this fun badge. $5/ scout, $40 minimum.


  • Bugs: Get up-close and personal with bugs --a very important part of our ecosystem.  Learn about insects and where they live during an insect hunt on one of our trails. $5/girl, minimum $40/program.
  • Hiker: Learn the basics of hiking safety - what to wear, pack, and how to read the trails. Then pack a snack and walk back into the fields and woods for a hiking scavenger hunt! $7/girl, minimum $56/program.
  • House Elf: Learn about living sustainably by creating a natural house cleaner to take home and make your living environment a cleaner, healthier place. $7/girl, $56 minimum.
  • Senses: Explore Valley Crest by using your five senses — a scavenger hunt and taste test are just part of the fun! $5/girl, minimum $40/program.
  • First Aid: helper *covers all requirements aside from #2*  Brownies learn how to prevent and treat minor first aid injuries both inside and outdoors. This class will send scouts home with knowledge of basic first aid and their very own first aid kit.  $7/ scout. $56 minimum.
  • Home Scientist: Girls conduct fun experiments that show the science they can see with products found around the house. $7/scout, $56 minimum. 


Do your girls show special interest in the environment? Create your own badge with us! Email us to find out more.

  • Animal Habitats: On a hike, we’ll learn why forests and fields are vital habitats for wildlife, and build a bird house to hang up! $5/girl, minimum $40/program.
  • Camper: Prepare for a camping trip by going over what to wear and pack, and why. Learn how to build a campfire and use it to make dinner (and dessert)! $12/girl, $96/program minimum.
  • Flowers: Take a wildflower walk to know the flowers in your area. Then make a flower necklace to take home! $10/girl, $80/program minimum.
  • Gardener: Plant a seed, take a tour of the farm, and show off your green thumb to complete this badge. $5/girl, $40/program minimum.
  • Simple Meals: Take a tour of the kitchen and cook using different ingredients. Come up with your own recipe, top chef style! All materials included. $15/girl, $120 minimum.
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Additional Programs

Campfire Cooking

June-November; $7/ scout, $56 minimum; Juniors and above

Girl Scouts learn every element of campfire cooking...from successfully building a fire to creating easy, delicious meals over the open flames. Scouts will create two meals using two different methods and, of course, roast marshmallows for tasty s’mores!

Backwoods Survival

All year; $5/ scout, $40 minimum; Juniors and above

Scouts learn elements of survival in the wilderness from shelter building and navigation to first aid and survival priorities.

Bird Watch

All year; Brownies and above; $5/ scout, $40 minimum. ½ hour extension available for $2/scout

Scouts gather to learn about the avian species residing in New Jersey, learn how to identify a few by site and sound, then head out with an experienced birder to look (and listen) for exciting birds! Binoculars are suggested but not required.

All About Bees

April-Early November; Daisies and above; $5/ scout, $40 minimum

Meet the bees at Valley Crest Farm! We will learn about the many jobs bees have in the hive, what they like to eat, how they help people, and so much more! You’ll see live bees in action at their hive and be able to examine their fascinating behavior.

Trees of New Jersey

All year; $5/ scout, $40 minimum

After a thorough lesson on trees of New Jersey and how to identify them, scouts will explore the forest at Valley Crest to complete a special tree ID challenge.

Apple Cidering

Mid September- November; $5/ scout, $40 minimum

Scouts will make their very own apple cider in this autumn classic! Working with an “old fashioned” cider press, every girl will have the opportunity to try their hand at cidering. All of the hard work will pay off as girls enjoy a cup (or two) of the freshest cider they’ve ever had while learning about the history of apple cider and fun facts about apple growing.

Stream Safari

April-Mid October; $7/ scout, $56 minimum; 1.5 hours

Put on your water shoes and get ready to investigate the critters that live at the bottom of our streams and rivers! Benthic Macroinvertebrates are bugs and crustaceans that live at the bottom of fresh water bodies which scientists monitor to determine the quality of water. Scouts will learn about these creatures before heading into the steam to find and identify them and determine the quality of water at Valley Crest.




Programs run 1-2 hours, with the exception of overnights. Programs are priced to include all materials and an educator for the time allotted.

Overnight pricing is dependent on the number of programs and number of scouts. Programs run drizzle or shine. VCF has the right to cancel or postpone programs.

To sign up for these programs OR a requisite badge for your troop, please email for more information.

Girl Scouts at Valley Crest Farm Preserve

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve grows and donates fresh produce to help people in need, maintains its farm and forest for education and recreation, and encourages respect for farms and nature.

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