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Technology has taken families from outdoors to indoors, thus encroaching on our connection to the natural world and the many benefits it provides to our mental, physical and spiritual health.


When Valley Crest Preserve, the farm’s nonprofit arm, was created in 2010, our board had to create a mission for our purpose and why we exist.  Nonprofits provide solutions to problems that affect society.  With that we asked, “What can Valley Crest do to help our community and make it a better place?”  We identified these areas of concern:

We help address hunger in adults and children by donating over 50% of what we grow to local food pantries and food banks in our area. In the past two years alone,Valley Crest donated approximately 100,000 pounds of fresh produce to NORWESCAP Food Bank and local food pantries in Flemington and Clinton.

In addition to our outstanding public trails for hiking and passive recreation, we offer a variety of nature-based educational programs for families and scouts that encourages respect for farms and nature such as the Stream Safari,  night hikes, survival classes, orienteering, tree and plant identification,  farm to table, pollinator workshops, apple cider making, and more.

Learning about farming and where and how healthy fruits and vegetables grow establishes a healthy relationship with food.  With Valley Crest’s DIG SOW GROW Children’s Garden,  children sow seeds in the spring and harvest fresh vegetables that THEY grow and tend throughout the season.  The children also donate surplus from their garden to the food bank, learning the important lesson of giving back.

Valley Crest Can Make A Difference!

Now we ask for YOUR help to make a difference.  Our farm depends on public support and a donation of whatever you can afford will help preserve Valley Crest for future generations to experience and enjoy.  Here are ways you can help:

Individual Contributions

We've planted the seeds, but we need your help to keep growing! Donate now and help us continue to address hunger in our community and educate area youth and our community about the importance of a local food system and healthy environment.  Any level of support is greatly appreciated!

Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?  Did you know that you can make a donation to Valley Crest by simply typing in ""  Every extra dollar helps us implement our mission to serve the community and keep our farm growing and sustainable for the future. Click here to donate to Valley Crest every time you make an Amazon purchase.

Matching Gifts

Many companies have programs through which they will "match" the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, you can leverage your contribution to Valley Crest and reinforce the value of its programs for the community.

Corporate Support and Volunteerism

Valley Crest provides opportunities for corporate groups to strengthen relationships through teambuilding activities in a beautiful natural setting.  We invite your company to help us harvest our crops and “give back” by investing in our farm and sharing our vision for the future.

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Security Donations & Planned Giving

Security Donations:

Making a gift of appreciated securities may be a great tax-efficient method of supporting Valley Crest Preserve.  Donating such stock to Valley Crest can help you reduce or potentially eliminate capital gains tax while keeping farming viable and sustainable in New Jersey.

Planned Giving:

Planned giving may take the form of a bequest of financial assets or personal property such as real estate through your will.

There are other options to leverage a planned giving program which would have a long-term impact on Valley Crest’s financial sustainability.

Examples of this are:

  • Income-Producing Gifts - can provide you and/or your loved ones with income for the duration of your lives or for a term of years.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts - can be used to provide an inheritance to loved ones at a minimal tax cost at the end of the term.
  • Bequests - can allow you to make a more substantial gift than you might otherwise imagine possible.
  • Noncash Assets- can be turned into gifts with immediate tax benefits.

Speak to your tax or financial advisor regarding a donation of securities and planned giving programs. Or, for additional information, please contact our financial advisor:

The Joyal Group
Merrill Lynch


Should you want more information on our governing documents and policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at  


“There is not enough fresh, healthy produce to feed people in need.”


“Many children today have no idea from where their food comes from.”

Valley Crest Farm & Preserve grows and donates fresh produce to help people in need, maintains its farm and forest for education and recreation, and encourages respect for farms and nature.

Valley Crest Preserve Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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