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McIntosh Apples!

It’s after Labor Day, the leaves are changing (already?), and cool breezes are encouraging us to break out the fall clothes. It might not technically be fall yet but here at the farm, it may as well be!

This week, peach picking came to an end and the family- favorite apple, McIntosh (or Mac) came into season. The McIntosh is a small, red apple with a sweet flavor ideal for cooking or eating raw. Its popularity made the national apple of Canada and inspired Apple to name it’s Macintosh computers after the tasty fruit (the misspelling was deliberate). We are eager to add the Macs into our cider mix! It’s sweet flavor provides an excellent contrast in cider with the more delicate flavor of our Gala apples. These two apples blend well for sauce as well- with the Mac providing a more pureed texture when cooked and the Gala holding a slightly firmer texture.

Join the many families who stop by Valley Crest on the weekends to enjoy the crisp weather and delicious apples! Pick your own is open weekdays & Saturday from 9am- 4pm and on Sundays from 10am- 4pm.

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