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July 12th on the Farm

From Our Farm to Your Kitchen

Our CSA members will be choosing from the following this week:


Sweet peas


Head Lettuce




Bok Choi

Salad Turnips

Swiss Chard

Vegetable Spotlight: Scallions

Scallions are extremely versatile, you can eat them raw, saute them with your favorite greens, or add them for a milder onion flavor to many dishes. Recently, I have been obsessed with using the scallions from our farm in savory oatmeal each morning. As someone guilty of turning morning oatmeal into a thinly disguised dessert, adding an egg, scallions and cheese was a new concept. It is delicious! Not only am I enjoying it more than the sweet oatmeal I am used too, this recipe is packed with protein. The scallions are full of vitamins and add a perfect onion taste without being overbearing.

Let us know on Facebook what your favorite way to use scallions is!

This Week on the Farm

Everywhere we look at fruits and veggies are blooming and producing. The farm is officially in full swing!

Peter and the team spent time this week planting a second round green beans, cucumbers, squash, basil, and carrots. We are all so excited to have even more of these delicious veggies this season.

Between the beautiful weather and regular rain our farm is seeing incredible growth. The Farm team spent time staking tomatoes, netting the dahlias, and measuring the growth of our apple and peach trees. What nature can do in a week never ceases to amaze us.

As we begin to settle into summer we are starting to combat some of the threats facing our crops, orchards, and farmlands. We spent a lot of time this week removing fire blight from our apple trees and hunting for the potato beetle. Luckily, neither of these threats have had a significant impact so far. We are also on the lookout for the spotted lanternfly – an invasive species from China that has yet to cross into NJ but has caused significant damage in PA. Learn more about what to do if you see this harmful (but very beautiful) invasive.

Our Summer Crew Explorers have kicked off the summer with a fun stream safari adventure and a healthy pizza party where the explorers harvested produce and baked a pizza from scratch. They are having so much fun learning, exploring, and spending time outdoors. July will mark the begin of some of our adult education programs. Check out our calendar of events here!

For more updates follow us on Facebook and check out our website. If you have any questions or comments please respond to this email.

Happy Friday,

Ashley Reece

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