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Adopt a Beehive

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Why do bees need our help?

Honeybee colonies have severely declined in the last decade. Researchers have studied this decline, coined colony collapse disorder (CCD), and determined that several causes are at the root of bee population loss including excessive pesticide use, invasive mites and diseases. Thus it is up to YOU and farmers like us to support honeybees and sustain their populations.

How can I help?

By adopting a hive at Valley Crest, you will support honeybee populations and protect bees through habitat restoration, monitoring and hive protection.  There are currently 12 beehives installed at the farm since 2017.   Hives not only support crops and contribute to the fight against CCD but provide invaluable educational opportunities for children and adults alike.

With your beehive adoption, you will support Valley Crest's goal to bring 8 more hives to the farm in 2018 and improve native plant diversity in our new pollinator meadow, too!  Our efforts to improve bee populations would not be possible without adoptors like you.

Who can adopt a hive?

Anyone can and should adopt a beehive! Whether you're adopting a hive as an individual, family, company or school, you will make a difference AND have once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn about and understand bees.

Adopt a Beehive makes a unique and memorable gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, in memory of a loved one or any special occasion. Celebrate the nature lover in your life with a unique gift that makes a difference!

About Hive Adoption

Adopt your hive through a $500 donation to our nonprofit farm which will support the care of bees and bee habitat at Valley Crest for one year. To thank you for your support, the adoptee will receive the following benefits:

  • A jar of honey to take home upon harvest
  • Free admission for two people to one of Valley Crest’s extraordinary and informative beekeeping and bee behavior workshops 
  • Placard with your name posted at your hive
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Laminated farm map with your hive’s location noted


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Complete the form below to adopt your hive!

  • Please list the name of the recipient if it is different than the purchaser's name above. This is the name that will be listed on the placard and certificate. Examples may be: "Jones Family" or "Mrs. Jones Third Grade Class."
  • Please write the mailing address to which we should send a beehive adoption packet, if different from the billing address of purchaser listed above.
  • Only required if you are adopting more than one hive.
  • This is only required if you are adopting hives for more than one recipient. Please input the name you would like listed on the certificate and the mailing address for each recipient not listed above.
  • Price: $500.00 Quantity:

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